Okanagan Lake No. 2
Okanagan Lake No. 2
MerSea Studio one of a kind pieces are hand drawn and hand sawn by Merina Paton, somewhere along the Beautiful British Columbia coastline

Okanagan Lake No. 2

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Life on the west coast captured in silver. This piece is one of a kind and cut by hand. I use a little saw to hand cut out each layer and element.

This piece is made up of 3 silver disks that I punch out. From these I cut the mountains, trees and waves with my little saw and solder the layers together using traditional goldsmith techniques. This is gives the piece a really fantastic weight and depth.

The hammered markings around the edge of the piece are a compass rose in Morse Code. N, S, E and W. A little reminder to guide you home, to guide your heart.

100% Oxidized Sterling Silver
7/8” pendant pictured here on an oxidized cable chain. 

Each piece is finished with a black patina that I remove by hand, creating a shaded effect that adds a really interesting contrast and brings out the details.