Tofino No. 1
Tofino No. 1
MerSea Studio one of a kind pieces are hand drawn and hand sawn by Merina Paton, somewhere along the Beautiful British Columbia coastline

Tofino No. 1

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Life on the west coast captured in silver. This piece is one of a kind and cut by hand. I use a little saw to hand cut out each layer and element.

Rain bounces off salt water. Barnacles pucker against the shore. Forests of bull kelp reach towards the surface. Rock fish hide between their shifting stipes, anemones cluster around the holdfast. Above forests of ancient Douglas Fir trees swoop their branches down to the water’s edge while an eagles survey the scene. 

I feel the boat rocking beneath my feet. I smell the minerals of salt in the air. I hear a whale break the surface, sucking in a behemoth lungful of air before flipping her tail and diving deep. I see the green waters, thick with microscopic life. Home to the animals I love. I think about how rich my life is here. How lucky I am to live so close to the sea. How here in BC we really are wedged between the mountains and the coastline. Our lives are affected by the weather, by the pull of the moon. Ferry delays, power outages, streets flooding. We are not so far removed. 

The Salish Sea is a transboundary network of coastal waterways in the Pacific Northwest reaching from southwestern portion of British Columbia to the northwestern portion of Washington state. From the Strait of Georgia and Desolation Sound in the north to the south end of Puget Sound and westward reach of the Juan de Fuca Strait. Vancouver Island and the Olympia Peninsula shelter these waters from the storms of the open Pacific Ocean. 

Home to 37 species of wild whales, otters, sea lions, harbour seals, 127 types of marine birds and 247 species of fishes for the rest to feast upon.

This piece is made up of 3 silver disks that I punch out. From these I cut the mountains, trees and waves with my little saw and solder the layers together using traditional goldsmith techniques. This is gives the piece a really fantastic weight and depth.

The hammered markings around the edge of the piece are a compass rose in Morse Code. N, S, E and W. A little reminder to guide you home, to guide your heart.

100% Oxidized Sterling Silver
7/8” pendant pictured here on an oxidized cable chain. 

Each piece is finished with a black patina that I remove by hand, creating a shaded effect that adds a really interesting contrast and brings out the details.