Merina Paton artist and owner of MerSea Studio selling silver and gold jewellery at a market

A marine biologist turned goldsmith, MerSea Studio is the fusion of my passion for nature and art and my local knowledge.

I’m known for multi-layered, hand sawn pendants, rich in physical weight and symbolic meaning. Pieces that tell of our connection to the west coast, to ourselves, and to each other.

More recently I've returned to my roots of painting with acrylic. I've just started to share these publicly. You can find them here

You may be celebrating a big life milestone, or simply want your jewellery to reflect more of what you feel and believe in a way that’s beautiful and creative. You may be looking for yourself, or a loved one.

This is my calling. 

I aim to create art that strikes a chord in your heart, and resonates with you on a deeper level, beyond words.

My work may simply click with you aesthetically, or you may find deeper meaning there. You may see something that reminds you of home, or a special trip you took. There’s no wrong way to connect with it!

So trust your intuition. What do you see? How does it make you feel?

Jewellery should be more than just something pretty to look at.

Compassion for our west coast wilderness is at the core of my designs, a feeling of understanding and wanting to protect what we love.

It is an easier conversation to have, separating humans and environment. Urban vs wild. But I think the more interesting one is of human connection to coastal wilderness. Here in BC we are wedged between the mountains and the sea. We are not so far removed. There is no distinct line. Our history is entwined with this coastline and our livelihoods depend on it's natural resources. We are part of the story.