Put everything on a bagel

Put everything on a bagel

Imagine taking everything, from everywhere and putting it on a bagel. Not just poppy seeds and garlic, but poodles and your last online post. This concept was introduced in the A24 movie, "Everything, everywhere all at once".

Have you seen it yet? If not, how come? I love the movies that come out of the A24 production studios. I find them rich in visuals and interesting existential story telling. As an artist I take inspiration from everywhere and put it on a canvas. 

Usually my process starts in a sketchbook where ideas, concepts, and compositions are worked out. After watching EEAAO for the first time I was so inspired I jumped right to into painting. 

I had 4" round panels prepped with gesso and ready to go. I'd been holding onto these for a while, not quite sure what to do with a round panel - and this was perfect!

Here's the secret. This black bagel was painted without using black paint. Instead, red, yellow, and blue (and white) acrylic paints were mixed to create the darkest dark possible. As I mixed white to create the different dark and light values I thought about how interesting it was that I was taking "all the colours" (since an entire spectrum can be mixed with the 3 primaries)  and essentially putting every colour on a bagel.

Mixing black is one of the tricks up my artist sleeve. I find the blacks I mix always result in a richer finished painting, where as pre-mixed tubes of black fall flat. I can control the black by leaning it cool or warm. I decided to mix the bagel slightly blue, which results in a cool tone. If you've seen the movie you'll understand why this fits. 

I've released an open edition print of the "Put Everything On A Bagel". Just look at those luscious brush strokes conserved in the printing process. The bright white paper is think and buttery smooth. This is the difference a fine art print makes! Perfect for framing.

Oh, and if you haven't seen it yet, check out the official trailer here

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