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Nanaimo No. 1

Nanaimo No. 1

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This piece is one of a kind and cut by hand. I use a little saw to hand cut out each layer and element.

The design started in my sketchbook. A vignette of a sailboat flitting past the Nanaimo Harbour. Three discs were punched from a sheet of silver. From these I cut the islands, the sailboat, scribed the horizon line and solder the layers together using traditional goldsmith techniques. This is gives the piece a really fantastic depth and weight.

The hammered markings around the edge of the piece are a compass rose in Morse Code. N, S, E and W. A little reminder to guide you home, to guide your heart.

Each piece is finished with a black patina that I remove by hand, creating a shaded effect that adds a really interesting contrast and brings out the details. 

100% Oxidized Sterling Silver
7/8” pendant pictured here on an oxidized cable chain. 

Part of the Porthole Collection
Compassion for our wilderness is at the core of my designs, a feeling of understanding and wanting to protect what we love. It is an easier conversation to have, separating humans and environment. Urban vs wild. But I think the more interesting one is of human connection to our northern wilderness. Here in BC we are wedged between the mountains and the sea. We are not so far removed. There is no distinct line. Our history is entwined with this coastline and our livelihoods depend on our natural resources. We are part of the story. This collection celebrates that story. 

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