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Customized Geography Necklace

Customized Geography Necklace

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Handsawn Geography in sterling silver. Each pendant is cut by meticulously by hand using a little saw. The pendant hangs from an adjustable solid sterling silver chain and clasp.


Once you’ve picked your chain length and input your payment info I’ll send you an email where we can talk about what landmass you want to adorn your neck and the features important to you.


Guided by satellite imagery, I saw the outline from a thick sheet of silver.  I free-hand the features make this landmass unique, making your necklace one of a kind.

I use recycled sterling silver because the health of our planet is important to me - and I make choices to support that.

You’ll notice tiny saw marks around the edge of the pendant. In the jewellery world this is considered leaving a piece unfinished. It should be buffed and polished to a perfect mirror finish. But I see the tool marks as the artist’s fingerprint. I love running my fingers over the ridges of my hand thrown mug, knowing they were left there by the potter. I find joy in the imperfections.

One of the very best feelings seeing one of my creations out in the world. It brings me joy to no end. Tag #MerSeaStudio on instagram.



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